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Women’s Empowerment Journey – Invitation for 2022

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need connection with other people. As women, we also found ourselves wanting to feel empowered and remove the illusion that everything is “fine.” We want to be seen, heard, validated, and valued. I’m excited to work alongside women in 2022 on a Women’s Empowerment Journey, both through photography and my new podcast! My brand new podcast is called Empowered Conversations with Anika! More info at the bottom of the blog!


Women’s Empowerment Facebook Group


Before we all dive into our New Years’ traditions, I’d like to invite any woman reading this to join my private Facebook group. While I primarily started this Facebook group for my boudoir and empowerment photography clients, I also want to make it a safe space where we, as women, can share our stories and find fellowship with each other.


You can join my exclusive Facebook community here.


The Empowered Women’s Circle


If you’re local to Peekskill, NY, I hope you’ll join me and my co-host, Kendra Valentine, for an intimate monthly meeting we’re calling “The Empowered Women’s Circle.” I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than by having honest conversations with women.


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In an effort to transmute my full energy into the empowerment of women, Kendra and I designed these events to take place monthly, in-person, on the second Sunday of each month in the studio adjacent to mine.


We will all begin each session by sitting in a circle and using techniques led by Kendra to raise our vibrations and energy together. If you’ve ever experienced simultaneous vibrational rising, you know how powerful this can be.


Instead of having a very structured schedule for the women’s circle, we will let the event guide us and unfold naturally. As we energetically raise our vibrations and become vulnerable with each other, the sessions will unfold as they need to.


I would encourage any woman joining our women’s circle to arrive with an open heart and mind. Each woman should envision her highest self in profound, meaningful conversation with others. Through this fellowship, we will support and uplift each other. It’s going to be a magical celebration and empowerment of women!


If you’re ready to step into your full power in 2022, please join us!


The first session will take place on Sunday, January 9th.

1006 Brown Street  Peekskill, NY 10562

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

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New Podcast – Empowered Conversations With Anika


I briefly talked about this in a previous blog post, and I’m so excited to announce that in February 2022, my podcast, “Empowered Conversations with Anika” will be available for streaming!


I will be focusing on Empowerment Topics, specifically geared toward helping women. I will also be interviewing some of my photography clients and women in various stages of life. I interviewed them about their experience being photographed by me, why they chose me to be their photographer, and listened as they shared intimate parts of their life story.


The interviews I’ve hosted so far have been fascinating, and I can’t wait to share them with the world!


Every person lives a life unique to them, which I find fascinating! I’m intrigued by how each person’s life holds stories, experiences, and lessons so different from the next.


I would LOVE to have your support with my podcast.

Whether that’s through a download to listen, a share with a friend, or to be a guest on my podcast!

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Stay tuned for the official release date of my podcast and so much more by signing up for my email newsletter HERE.

Don’t worry – I never share or sell your personal information. I also won’t spam your email inbox!


New Years Wishes


As you begin your New Years’ traditions, whether that’s through goal setting, resolutions, or manifestations, never forget how far you’ve already come in life!


If you’re looking for a community of women to surround and support you, click that Facebook link. I hope to meet you there!


I wish you all an abundant 2022.





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