Women’s Empowerment in 2022 with Anika

Women’s Empowerment


As I discussed in my last blog post, Women’s Empowerment is my new mission in life and photography. For far too long, women have suppressed their inner wisdom and light, afraid to disrupt the regularly scheduled program playing out around us. I’m here to disrupt that pattern. I’m here to embrace femininity. I’m here to shine my inner light and support women that feel the same.

Looking ahead, I can see a clear path of my brand, and it is an extension of the work I’m already creating in my studio photography. While I’m transforming and branching off into other types of work – photography will always be my baby. The underlying message of my career is to serve as a safe place for women to feel seen, heard, validated, and empowered.


Women’s Circle


In January of 2022, I will begin co-hosting an event with Kendra Valentine, called The Empowered Women’s Circle. The events will take place monthly, in-person, on the second Sunday of each month in the studio adjacent to mine.

Each session will begin with calming techniques to raise our vibrations and energy simultaneously in the room. We set the scene for the discussion and activities that follow by starting the session with high vibrations.

The idea of these empowerment circles is to have conversations with women about healing and uplifting each other. In these meetings, we will encourage each other to practice self-love. We will spend time honoring (and facing) fears and blockages in our lives. We will support each other so each woman can step into her full power.

I met Kendra, my co-host, a little over ten years ago, and I can confidently say she is a full-on spiritual badass.  Everyone needs a Kendra in their life! She has a solid and direct connection to the Great Spirit and all beings behind “the veil.” Kendra also has extensive experience, which helps make her a capable leader, coach, and mentor.

I hope you’ll join us in these sacred monthly empowerment circles if you’re in the area.



Exhibit: Project Every Woman


I’ve had the idea to have an exhibit floating around for months now, and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally happening on January 15th, 2022!

This exhibit will be a showcase of women’s portraits with their stories accompanying each photo. The overarching message is that we, as women, need to stop tearing each other down.

Life isn’t a pie, sliced into equal parts. If one woman has a large slice of pie, it doesn’t mean there won’t be enough for the next. Abundance is everywhere!

Will you join us for this exhibit on January 15th?

It takes place from 3:00 – 7:00 EST at Dragonfly Yoga Studio  Ossining, New York.

You can RSVP here.

Podcast coming in 2022!!


While I don’t have an official launch date for my podcast, I will keep my readers updated on the progress. This is in the pipeline now, and I can’t wait to share this new adventure with you guys!




I can’t wait to share all of these next big events with you all!


Sending you all light and empowerment,


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