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Q+A with a Boudoir Photography Client and Trauma Healer

Creating an exceptional client experience has always been my number one priority. I want each boudoir photography client to feel seen, heard, validated, and to know the importance and value of self-love.

I worked with Kelly on another project, last year for branding photos. This year, she wanted to experience the full boudoir experience, and it came into alignment at the perfect time for both of us. Que the magic!

Kelly shares thoughts about her client experience with me for her full boudoir session. She was also gracious enough to chat with me about navigating self-love and how she helps facilitate that growth with her own clients.


The Prep Before a Boudoir Session


Being in the right headspace is crucial to make sure every woman that steps foot in my studio door has the best boudoir session. I wrote about this in my last blog and the reasoning behind it.

When a client comes to me for a boudoir session, it can feel intimidating if they’ve never experienced it before. Having the client connect with their inner knowing and inner goddess through little assignments I give them before the session, creates an elevated client experience.

Kelly was my first client to work with through some of the client homework, and her testimonial speaks volumes. She said she felt more seen than anybody ever on the planet had seen her before. Wow! What a compliment.

To my future boudoir clients, I cannot wait to share this experience with you. I’m excited to share a safe space where you feel safe, seen, and like the goddess you truly are!

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A Beautiful Testimonial From Kelly About Her Boudoir Session


“I want to honor your photography work and how powerful it is for women to be in such a comfortable and safe environment that you created! What you capture and what you see is ‘essence’.

I felt so seen by you and more seen than anybody ever on this planet. You captured such a profound experience for me, and I highly recommend a session with you! It’s just profound what you create for women and I know that this is just the beginning of more.”


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My First Podcast Guest on Conversations with Anika – Boudoir Photography Client


I am thankful for the time I spent with Kelly both during her boudoir photoshoot, and also when she shared her thoughts with me during an interview for my podcast.

We talked about the power of loving ourselves, escaping self-judgment, and much more. A small fraction of our conversations is recapped below from this episode. I urge any woman that is on a self-love journey to listen to the full episode when it’s released. 

A bit about Kelly’s bio. Kelly is a leading healer and activist. She’s a trauma alchemist, spiritual midwife, and empowerment priestess. She helps women step into their power, and has been in the healing industry for over twenty years.

To put it mildly – Kelly is an inspirational badass. Let’s dive right in!


Behind The Scenes of Kelly’s Boudoir Photography Session

BEHIND THE SCENE (Boudoir & Portrait Session) from Anika Fatouros on Vimeo.



Q+A with Kelly on Self-Love


Anika: How did you learn to love yourself and not compare yourself to others?

Kelly: The actual healing process was a long time coming. I started my healing journey when I was 19 (I’m 42 now).


Anika: Any advice you can on how to heal the relationship with yourself, especially when you don’t believe in the love that you give yourself.

Kelly: Even if the intention or desire was to activate a deeper connection with yourself, it might take time to fully embody the changes. It can happen really quickly for some. For some of my clients, I’ve witnessed a transformation in an hour, like things are so profound.

It’s the acknowledgment that maybe you don’t feel so good about yourself right now, but how could you rather feel? How do you want to focus? How do you want to walk down the street?

What if you actually embrace the fact that you are a glorious magnificent goddess and could embody, push, and connect that to the Earth? This begins to have you question, alchemize and change how you feel in a given moment.


Anika: I feel like it’s also important for people to know and realize that we are all human. We have good days and bad days. I make it a priority not to beat myself up on the bad days. But if I do have a bad day, I stay in bed to rest, and that’s part of my self-love. I let myself have that day.

Kelly: Why is that a bad day? Even that is a judgment. If I have a moment, that my heart is on fire, I get mad about something, that self-judgment of thinking, “Oh, anger. That’s a bad emotion.” The truth is that anger is our power. Anger is an aspect of our true nature.

What if that morning, the permission is that all aspects of you are perfect and where they need to be? If that means you wake up and it’s kind of snowy or rainy and you don’t feel like getting up, and you want to rest in your pajamas, that level of depth and acceptance becomes “Yes!” instead of judging yourself like that.


Anika:  Exactly! I love how you just turned around my “bad day” and made turned it into a positive way to look at it.

Kelly: That’s an even deeper level of self-love and acceptance when we can accept exactly where we are, right now, without judgment. Judgment makes us feel like shit and causes resistance.

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How to Connect with Kelly


To learn more about Kelly, and the services she offers her clients, you can view her social profiles in these links Facebook and Instagram.

She has lots of juicy stuff coming up and has a powerful embracer goddess workshop in the works. She has healing courses, immersion into intuition, and the process of healing and transformation change.

She has an online course healing community. For anyone that comes as a referral from me, you receive 10% off, if you mention Anika! 

The way you speak to yourself matters, and Kelly can help you change the way you see, talk, and embrace yourself.

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Ready to Experience a Full Boudoir Experience for Yourself?


You can reach out here to book your session!


Stay tuned for the full podcast episode where Kelly and I speak about these topics and so much more, on my podcast Conversations with Anika!

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