The Standard Session Fee is $400 for individuals (plus tax) and $450 for couples and includes the following:

  • 30-60 min pre-session video consultation via zoom
  • up to 3-hour photography session with coaching and posing guidance (up to 4 hours for a Couples Session)
  • Access to studio wardrobe
  • up to 3-5 outfit changes during the session
  • In-person image reveals and purchasing appointment

*The Session does not include prints or products. Prints and products are sold separately and not included in the Session Fee.

Collections begin at $1695

A la carte items begin at $250





All sessions have a $400 session retainer. 

This retainer includes professional hair and makeup and your session date and time. This is due in order to book your session. All images, prints, and products are purchased separately during your reveal and ordering appointment. You can select a package OR items off the A La Carte. There is no minimum order.

Anika Fatouros Photography accepts cash, check, credit/debit cards, and PayPal Credit. 

Payment in full allows for immediate processing and ordering of your images. *We also offer interest free financing on all product orders. 

This is the first option for Payment Plans! PayPal credit is an excellent option because it offers six months interest-free on your purchase (over $99). They offer low minimum monthly payments, and it’s super easy to apply and use. Also, you won’t have to wait until your balance is paid off to get your products! It is super easy and quick to apply. Just head over to to apply!

We also accept AfterPay.

This is a new option we have started! When you go with this option you select your products or packages when you book your session. You can either pay in full at the time of booking, or you can do a pre-payment plan! This way, there is no waiting to pay your order out after your session! If you pre-purchase your package up front, we have a few little perks and bonuses for you!

If you want to go with any of these options, please let me know as soon as possible and we can get you all set up!



Anika Fatouros Photography studio is located in Peekskill, NY. Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, and empowering environment for your portrait experience.
The short answer? Boudoir is a fun and liberating way for a woman to celebrate herself. A boudoir session is both sexy and empowering. From experience I know the idea of boudoir can be intimidating one, however once we start shooting all your fears will begin to fade and you will start to gain confidence.
Anniversaries, Major Birthday Milestones (25th, the Dirty 30, the Fabulous 40, the Sexy 50th)… and any birthday in between Significant Others Birthday Valentine’s Day, Because the Day Ends in “Y”
Anika Fatouros Photography is located downtown Peekskill. Half our yearly sessions are done here. About a quarter of our sessions are done outside (if you choose to do that), and the last quarter is either done in a hotel or on location. Yes, we at Anika Fatouros Photography do travel for sessions. Please contact us for more information.
This really depends on what you need the photos for. Is this a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present for someone special? Do you need albums, frames, or additional photos? If you want one of our handcrafted Italian made photos albums as a gift to someone then we ask that you come in at least 6 weeks before the date. Our handcrafted items take 4 weeks to create! The process is intense and long but trust me it’s more than well worth it. The weekends get booked way faster than the week so if you only have availability during on the weekends I suggest calling ASAP to secure the date preferred.
We are a full-service studio. This means that although it’s optional Hair & Makeup is included in your session fee. Many may say I will do it myself, but I would advice not too. If you are going to book, I highly suggest enjoying the full experience. Which is why work closely with Tracy Ross at Life in The Beauty Lane.
The quick and simple answer is no. That’s the truth. I do light airbrushing. For example, if you have a pimple or blemish on your face, then of course, I will correct that. I also color correct all my photos and will even out skin tone. Depending on your preference, I will remove stretch marks. However, if a lady is a size 22 and wants to be a size 2… then no I don’t do that. At Anika Fatouros we want women Look at themselves, laugh at themselves, hug themselves, and love themselves. You are doing this session for you first, let that be the reason you book.
Our consultation is great ice breaker. We can do this via zoom, or in person at the studio. My main suggestion is to make a music playlist of empowering song and song that make you feel good, beautiful and sexy. Also pampering yourself before your session is great confidence boost so go ahead and Get Your Nails Done, Try on your Wardrobe Before Your Session, Practice the Poses You Want Don’t Forget WHY You’re Doing This, Trust Yourself & Relax.
Simple. Just trust in the process. We at Anika Fatouros Photography are here to help you achieve your best photos ever. We are your biggest cheerleaders. We aim to make you feel as beautiful as you look. We will be there with you all the way to help you pose and make sure you get the best out of your session.
No. We respect everyone’s privacy. The ladies you see in my pictures are women who have given me written permission to use their photos to showcase my work. I won’t lie, I would love to use your photos for my blog. Showcasing women and telling their stories helps other women want to come up with the courage to shoot as well.
We do have outfits, but I do encourage women to bring their own lingerie to make the session more unique to them. Always bring shoe! Depending on what you are wearing a classic pair of black pumps is always a great idea. The higher the better. I always suggest at least 4 inch heels for dramatic effect. The right pumps will make an outfit stand out and your more lean!
Let’s be honest, we all have things about ourselves that we feel as though are less than perfect and we may not want one of those things shown. When we speak on the phone I will take note of you’re the areas of the body you like to conceal and enhance.
Yes! Of course! The average woman isn’t on the covers of Vogue magazine. We will help you with posing your body to for optimal photos. Not only will we tell you what to do, we will also pose in that same position so you can see firsthand what we want you to do.
Yes! We love shooting couples who are in love and would like beautifully directed photos for years to come.
Please check out our investment page! Please feel free to call us for additional questions and schedule a time to book! You can contact us here!