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A deep longing and appreciation printed photos photos arose in me, because it was missing from my life. I strongly believe that with all the technology at our fingertips, including smartphones, tablets, and digitals cameras at our fingertips, we have forgotten the importance of having printed photographs. I was adopted and never met my birth mother until recently. I adore my husband, my son and my life. A huge part of that life is taking every last ounce of that compassion and creating beautiful, heirloom quality photography for your family. It truly is my passion, in every sense of the word. Although, I can understand that my mother wanted a better life for me, I can never get those early year memories, not even one photo back. I do not have any photos of myself under the age of three and I want to capture the essence of those tender moments for my client’s. Let’s create beautiful memories together for your family, it is my pleasure to give you my art.

Designer Frame Collections

Gorgeous, modern photography deserves perfectly flattering frames. We believe that there is great value in completing your images through a polished final product. Presenting your photographs in archival matted frames elevates your portrait investment to the status of fine art, transforming your walls into a gallery to be experienced and enjoyed daily.

Wondering how to get yourselves up on your walls? We offer hand crafted frames in nine different finishes to elegantly present your favorite images, and will help you create a showpiece display. Our line of low-profile, high-impact frames is designed to complement any decor. Their clean style ensures that the frames don’t compete with the image, but enhance and elevate it. Made in Oregon of hardwood, with frame-grade acrylic and acid-free mats, the frames’ archival construction protects your photographs, ensuring your images will become treasured family heirlooms.

designer frames by anika fatouros photography.jpg

Heritage Wood Collections

Our Heritage Wood Prints are a fun addition to any nursery wall or collage wall in your home. Heritage Woods Prints are a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4” wood with hand sanded corners.  No wood color or grain shows through these prints so you get the look of a wood print with true color and clarity in the printed image.

wood prints by anika fatouros photography.jpg
wood prints by anika fatouros photography.jpg

Legacy Folio Box

Our Legacy Folio Box is a modern day alternative to an album. You can store 10-25 matted prints into the beautiful box. This box is available in black, white or wood finish.

Folio Box by Anika Fatouros Photography.jpg
folio box anika fatouros photography.jpg

Lay-Flat Albums

albums by anika fatouros photography.jpg