First Annual Motherhood Mini Event

This year I decided to put together my first annual Motherhood Mini Event in time for mother’s day. These are simple studio session designed to capture the intimacy between you and your child.

As moms often do, I spend most of my time behind the camera capturing my little one, trying to document every stage as he grows. Going through my images, I have noticed, I take more pictures of my son and my husband together, than I do myself and my son. There are a number of reasons I’ve heard from moms on why they don’t get in front of the camera, for example, they don’t have make-up on, they didn’t do their hair, they are in leggings (again), they still haven’t lost the baby weight, to name a few.  As busy moms, we can all relate, but you made these little people and shaped who they are, and you deserve a few precious photos to capture the beauty of motherhood.  

This year, I got together with my friend Lauren who is a stylist and decided to host a Mother’s Day Styled Event.

We know how hard it can be to feel and look, we want to help and capture you and your littles (or little to be). We will be providing wardrobe and styling, fresh floral crowns, make up, snacks. There will also be a play area so that the kids can play while you are being pampered.

I think a motherhood mini session is the perfect way to get past your mom hang ups, and get some facebook-profile pic, instagram-worthy photos or even better portraits of you and your little to hang in your home.  You’ll have an excuse to change out of your leggings, do your hair, and get in front of the camera for a low-stress photoshoot that captures the special relationship that only a mother can have with her child.  We are now booking sessions for April 22nd & 23rd, 2017, click the link to inquire or to set your session.  Hope to see you there!

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