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Enough with the Insecurities! 9 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo-Session…

Hi Diva,

This is a message for you. Enough with the insecurities and the fear of judgement.

At Anika Fatouros Photography our goal is for women to look at themselves, hug themselves, laugh at themselves, and fall in love with themselves.

Don’t let fear stop you, because I can surely think 9 of reasons to book a boudoir session…

1.Boudoir photography will help you to see your own beauty. 

2.The entire experience makes you feel extremely sexy, liberated and empowered. 

3.The first two reasons address ALL women, but here’s another reason… maybe your body has changed. Maybe you’ve lost or gained weight and you want to celebrate. Maybe you got your body back after baby. Maybe you’ve embraced the body you have RIGHT NOW. Regardless, boudoir is the celebration of the female form. Let’s celebrate!

4.OR… maybe you’re getting married and you are looking for the PERFECT gift for your significant other on your wedding day…

5.OR… maybe you’re a new empty nester! The kids are grown and it’s time to reignite the passion in your relationship. Let’s spark a fire!

6.Maybe life has thrown so much trauma at you and you are recovering and you need a boost.

7.Or maybe you’re single and you’re super happy with that… with not having to run your ideas, plans, goals, and dreams past another person. Maybe you want to do this for YOU! THIS is my favorite reason, y’all.

8.Maybe you’ve battled an illness and won. Maybe you want to embrace the win and not be held back by the loss. I’m here for you. YOU, woman, are powerful. I would LOVE the honor of telling your story.

9.It’s on your bucket list. Let’s check it off! 

Share YOUR reason in the comments! Why do YOU want a session??? Or better yet, what is holding you back???


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