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When you book a portrait session, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is, “What do I wear?”

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and have the receipts!

I’m here to change that for you, though!

When you book your session with me (I’m in the Westchester, NY area), you get access to my client closet and guidance on what to wear.

In other words – I got you! 

Don’t worry about what to wear. I’ll make sure you look your best, feel your best, and wear clothes that will flatter your body type.


What’s in my Client Closet?


Great question!

Since I photograph primarily women, so I mainly stock women’s clothing pieces. I’m showcasing some of my client closet items throughout this blog post.

My client closet mainly consists of dresses for women and some specific pieces for maternity sessions. For more info on preparing for a maternity photo shoot, you can read this post to help you prepare!


side by side photo of two women wearing the same dark green body suit from photographers client closet wardrobe
This dark green bodysuit fits multiple body types, as shown here! It’s part of my client closet.


How Does Access to the Client Closet Work?


Once you book your portrait session with me, we will discuss the overall design and colors you like best. You can see most of my client closet items here in this blog post.

If you see something you love, I can give you more info on that item. Specifically, I can provide info on the size and fabric. If the material is stretchy, the “size” on the label doesn’t matter so much!

You’re always welcome to schedule an appointment to try on the client closet items before your session date. I want you to be 100% sure you feel your best during your session!


Client Closet for Sessions with Multiple People


Since I mainly stock items for women, the client closet is typically best for a single-person session. If the session includes multiple people, it’s commonly used to dress mom.

For any session with more than one person, I suggest finding what mom wants to wear first! Once mom has her wardrobe selected, I can point you in the right direction to choose coordinating clothing items for the rest of the family.


photo of two gowns from client closet one is red the other is an off white color

photo of two client closet gowns side by side - one is dusty blue, the other is a light green


Where to Shop for Additional Wardrobe Pieces


If you’re looking for something that I don’t have in my client closet, don’t worry, I’ve compiled some resources for you!

I always recommend checking out your local thrift stores or Goodwill first. You’ll be surprised by how many treasures are in your local shops! It doesn’t need to cost a small fortune to look your best.

If thrifting isn’t your jam, I’ve curated a small list below that is mostly budget-friendly while providing variety in clothing for everyone in the family.

Old Navy – they are pretty budget-friendly and have items for the whole family

Target – I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to shop at Target, am I right?

Bohme – They have lots of dresses for women!

Baltic Born – Dresses for all body types and occasions. (Check out the sale section too!)

Rent The Runway – If you want something a little extra special, you can rent an item here for a fraction of what it would cost to buy it!


Tips on Wardrobe Selection for Portrait Sessions


For women, long flowy dresses are lovely for a portrait session. Dresses can be long, short, mid-length – that doesn’t matter so much. Even if you’re not a “dress kinda gal” – dresses add a lot of visual interest for photo sessions!

Use clothing with patterns minimally if your session has multiple people. Mix and match solid colors with texture for the best “timeless” feel to your portraits!

Avoid clothing items with logos or words. These items can take focus away from the subjects (you) and make the photos look dated.

I’m happy to help you choose items for your session when in doubt. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration for color palettes for photo sessions!


Final Thoughts on Wardrobe and Styling


The best advice I can give you is to wear items that make you feel your best!

When you book your session with me, access to my client closet and my personal wardrobe guidance is included!


If you’re ready to start planning your session today, reach out here!

XO, Anika

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