Why You Should Hire A Professional Newborn Photographer

It’s true, they do grow up fast…

You’ve heard it a million times before, but it’s true, they grow up so fast.  It is important to document your child’s life at every stage.  In the blink of an eye your fragile newborn will be a running toddler, and before you know it you’ll be sending them off to school.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have quality photos of your little baby to look back on?

Of course you can snap your own photos, but speaking as both a mother and a seasoned newborn photographer, they don’t always come out how you imagine.  You see, sometimes the magic is in the editing room, piecing together several photos to create one peaceful baby gently lying in a hot air balloon basket (or prop of your choice).  In addition, it takes a finesse and patience to work with a newborn.  That is something that most parents do not develop when their child is born, rather it’s a skill practiced and perfected by newborn photographers over many years.

Professional newborn photos are perfect for birth announcements and holiday cards.  Beyond paper goods, I also find that clients who invest in a newborn session are more likely to print the photos out and display them, than parents who only take photos on their phone.  Of course they make perfect gifts for grandparents too.

It’s also important to document mommy and daddy with the new baby.  As a new mom you may not feel camera ready, but trust me when I say that new mom’s have a glow that I love to capture.  And dads shine too.  There is nothing more beautiful than a new dad cradling his bundle of joy. 

These are moments that you don’t want to miss out on and you cannot go back to capture later.  If you are interested in more info about my newborn sessions, contact me. 

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