A “soldier bear” for military families!

Recently, a friend Rebecca Tucci owner of Blissful Birthing’s contacted me about being a part of a very special project. Rebecca has an etsy shop where she makes and sells various items like a tree of life pendant or a baby footprint pendant. Rebecca shared with me details of this “soldier bear” that she has been working on for military families.

As we know, separation is difficult for all children especially children in military families. Blissful Birthing’s “soldier teddy bear” allows for 20 sec recorded message, from your soldier, for those back home to listen too.

This is such an amazing product she created, how could I not say, “yes” to being a part of this project. As we discussed this project we decided that we needed a family to test it out. This is where Christopher and his family came in. As you can see from the images below his girls adored their soldier bear.

For each bear purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

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